Overview of Metformin Side Effects and Natural Diabetes Cure

18 April 2014 | Advertisements

Medical science has categorized and described metformin as a prescribed Biguanide medicine which is commonly used for balancing blood sugar levels and for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. Metformin is only prescribed by doctors to diabetes patients when their high blood sugar level cannot be balanced or controlled with diet food, exercises and proper fitness regimen. Metformin can also be used and prescribed by your doctor with other anti-diabetic medication such as insulin, glucophage, diabetrol and glyburide as well.

Metformin as an anti-diabetic medicine help us to reduce percentage of glucose in blood, which is majorly produced by the liver. So we can say that metformin works as a blood sugar level controlling supplement. That being said, it also contributes towards increasing insulin sensitivity, so that our body can utilize it in an effective way with insulin resistance cases.

Due to the fact that carbohydrates absorption by the intestines, Metformin helps us reducing blood sugar levels, and that is the reason why metformin is able to produce satisfactory results in diabetic patients. The main use of metformin medicine is to reduce the overall production rate of glucose in our body and then it also helps in increasing sensitivity level of cells to insulin. However, all these positive aspects of metformin are not the only points we should know about, but we should also understand and learn about possible metformin side effects as well. There are several known health related side effects of metformin that diabetic patients have to suffer with. These side effects may also vary from one person to another, because they depend on their bodies, heredity and other health issues as well.

Given below are some of the most common side effects of metformin that you should be aware of before taking this medicine…

Abnormal Stools – Abnormal stool such as blood and mucus in your stool can be categorized under metformin side effects, if that happens after a patient begin with his/her metformin doses.

Muscular Pain – There are several cases in which diabetic patients reported muscle pain after taking metformin medicines, prescribed for their type 2 diabetes treatment.

Breathing Problems – At times metformin may also cause difficulty in breathing and those who are having Asthma and taking metformin for diabetes control, they should be very careful about it and should consult with your doctor first, before consuming metformin dosage.

Dizziness – Lightheadedness is a common metformin side effect and almost all the diabetes patients have reported this symptom after beginning with their metformin doses.

Heart Palpitations – Rapid or forceful heart beating is medically described as Heart Palpitations and it is also a side effect of metformin. So if you are also noticing an increase in your heart beat after metformin doses consumption, you should immediately discuss this with your doctor.

Excessive Sweating – Hyperhidrosis, commonly known as excessive sweating is also categorized under common metformin side effects, and it can also become severe when amount of metformin doses are increased to treat diabetes.

Allergies and Reactions - Other side effects of metformin may also include allergic reaction, burning sensation on upper skin surface, itching, skin rashes, blemishes, hives and you may also notice swelling on your hands and feet.

Electrolyte Disturbances - As severe islandsvanuatu metformin side effects, overdose of metformin can also create electrolyte disturbances that force our organs to function in an environment which is acidic. This health problem is also known as Lactic Acidosis and it can be extremely severe if it is not treated fast and effectively. When the body of a diabetes patient goes through a sudden increase in lactic acid that is when Lactic Acidosis forms in our body. Even though significantly lower number of diabetes patients notice this type of side effects, but still it may get severe and it should be avoided in any case.

Vitamin B12 Absorption - There are some cases reported about the reduction in vitamin b12 absorption as metformin side effect, and that can be worrisome for diabetes patients, because Vitamin B12 is an important nutrient required and deficiency of it can create other health issues. Even though only 10 out of 100 patients reported reducing level of vitamin B12 after taking metformin medicine and it can also be prevented with increase supply of Vitamin B12 in our body.

Kidney and Liver Related Side Effects – Impaired liver and kidney functions can be seen as metformin side effects. However, this generally happens when the diabetes patient has taken overdose of metformin pills and therefore it makes out liver weaker, as it has to deal with excessive amount of metformin dose that is meant to reduce glucose production. Same scenario can also occur with kidney functions, and excessive doses of metformin can also completely stop them to work properly.

Hormonal Imbalance – Overdose of metformin can also create hormonal imbalance in the body and that can be seen as a severe side effect. Due to the fact that metformin is able to impact the level of some hormones in our body, it can also cause problem with their production balance. For example, overdose of metformin generally create a sudden decrease in the blood levels of thyroid stimulating hormones, testosterone hormones and luteinizing hormones as well.